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Quality Locks, Safes And More in Victoria.

Whether you are looking to install a new lock in your house, or rekey your entire building, we have the tools and the expertise to get what you need done.

new safes


Whether you need a new key copied, or a new lock installed, Acme Safe Ltd. are the ones to call. We service and install deadbolts, lever door locks, lock sets, breaking & entering deterrents, and keyless entry systems. We've been working as residential locksmiths for over half a century, and know what you need. We can rekey residential locks while you wait, including to a master, submaster, or any system you have. If you have vehicle keys you want copied, we can do that as well, with either an existing key or simply the VIN and proof of ownership.

Automotive locks are one of our specialties, and we can fit keys, re-key, repair, or replace most automotive locks in almost all brands of vehicles. If you own a vehicle newer than 1996, chances are it has a special transponder chip built into the key fob. This is a high-security standard which prevents unintended access to your vehicle just like the bittings on your key. If you have only one key for your vehicle, you are at risk of being locked out, and open-ups and key fittings can be expensive. We advise you to come into our store or call us and talk about getting a secondary (or tertiary) key cut as a backup. We can also provide you with what we call a "bare metal key". This does not provide access to the ignition since it lacks a transponder, but it will unlock driver or passenger doors.

While we service locks of all brands, we stock products made by Weiser, Schlage, and Masterlock, and encourage our security-focused customers to upgrade to high-security systems such as Medeco or Primus/Everest. See our High Security section below for more details.



Our commercial customers are our number one priority, and we always do our best to provide you with your necessary service in a timely manner that fits your schedule. We provide lock rekeying, whether it is for a suite or an entire building. You can drop off hardware at our storefront location for rekeying, or we can come to you wherever you are. We provide high-security Medeco locks for high volume entrances, or Schlage, Taymor, Weiser, or Masterlock locks for smaller access points. All locks can be mastered, submastered, or whatever system fits your need. If you are taking over a property, we can provide a walkthrough service to determine how many locks of each kind you require, and what sort of mastering system you need.

If key padlock or combination locks are what you require, we have those in stock too. To get a quote, call us any time or use the contact us page with the number of locks you require and what sort of setting or condition they'll be used in, and we'll get back to you within a business day.

Whether your building uses deadbolts or lock sets, dead latches or panic bars, we can supply, install, and service any kind of lock you may have. We're professional, discrete, and upfront about our costs. Your bill will never come with unexpected items.

If you own a building with a large amount of tenant turnover, or you value your belongings, we strongly encourage you to research high-security systems such as Medeco. Medeco brand locks are highly pick and bump resistant, and can be as strong as a safe mechanism in some cases. A tenant (or bad actor who has gained access to a key) cannot walk into our shop or any other key-cutting shop and request a copy. Only pre-authorized personnel that you trust can make copies of these keys. If you're interested in upgrading your high security system, contact us today for a no-cost consultation.


We move and install safes of all sizes. Whether you are looking for fire safes, wall safes, or data safes, our wide selection has it all to satisfy your varying needs.    Click here  to know more about our safes in detail.

Used Safes

High-quality safes are made from high-grade iron and other sturdy materials and can generally have a long life with proper care and maintenance. With increasing concerns for the proper safekeeping of valuable objects and documents, used safes have become a desirable option for those with both safety and budget as a priority. 


At Acme Safe Ltd. we believe in helping you get peace of mind in any way possible. That's why we often list our used safes available for purchase on UsedVictoria ,a trusted platform for second-hand sales. You can browse our inventory of used safes for sale below. If there's nothing listed for now, we invite you to visit our page again later to see our updated inventory. 


High Security & Key Control

One of the most important ways you can remain secure is by installing high security locks. High security locks are built with an increased resistance to manipulation or forced entry, and have been given an appropriate security rating from the standards set by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA). These locks use specific design aspects or characteristics which improve their resistance to being compromised. These locks are not unbreakable or unbeatable, but they put up significantly more resistance than more common locks.


We are Medeco, Primus, Everest and Schlage 365 certified!


By restricting access of the creation, distribution, and the cutting of keys, lock manufacturers can increase security with key control. Often locksmiths require uncut keys and equipment direct from the manufacturer – like Medeco – to be able to cut that brand of keys. Companies like Medeco can therefore carefully control who can cut their keys, making the locks more secure. It's important to note that while all high security locks have key control, not all key control systems are high security.


Lock Repair and Replacement

We offer lock repair and replacement services.

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